Saturday, February 9, 2008

Peoples of Africa

The people of Africa is divided by Ethnologists.

In the region of South Africa are the Bushmoids, yellow/brown in color with peppercorn hair (tightly kinked) usually less than 5 ft tall. Some were sent to the Brazil but not to the Americas as slaves.

Central Africa Pygmoids.

With average height of 4ft 9 in weight of 85 lbs, brown/black in color with high bulging foreheads. Not the first choice of slavers they were usually rejected.

Madagascar. Mongloids.

Came from Asia centuries ago and mingled with the darker aborignial people and slaves from the mainland. Resemble southeast Asians in stature and pigment.

In the northwest, (senegal to ethiopia) caucasoid.

Deep black to light brown with curly hair but not wooly. They have thin lips and noses and tend to be tall in stature with long legs and slender.

Lower west coast. Negroid.

Dark skins, wooly hair with thick lips and broad noses. Average height 5ft 10 in. The majority of the slaves shipped to the new world were negroids. These consist of the Bantu and Angola and tribes from Angola and Mozambique.

Black Cargoes, Mannix.

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