Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good People of England

I do not mean to disparage the good people of England; especially those who have lead the fight against slavery. England shines like a beacon in the night, a place of freedom for all my people. The irony of it often reflects in my mind of how at one time England was once the greatest catalyst in the continuation of the practice of slavery and has become its champion in the abolishment of this cruel tradition. It is England that has given me freedom when I came to its shores but I have become tired and bitter over the journey. Yes, was helped by the Moravians for they know how it is to suffer also. Was not Jan Hus its founder not tried and burned at the stake as a result of his search for freedom! I do appreciate what the Anti-Slavery Society has accomplished. But even now I still hear some people in this country say that slaves do not need better usage, and do not want to be free. They believe what others say who deceive them and say slaves are happy. I say, not so! How can slaves be happy when they have a halter round their neck and the whip upon back!

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